Saturday, April 28, 2012

A lovely collection of Liberty of London...

I hope these pictures don't bore you to death - of course, in person these fabrics are fabulous!  Maybe I should have showcased them in a more interesting way, but I just wanted to play with them last Saturday.
 I think my hubs was quite convinced that I had gone over the deep end.  I lovingly placed each and every one while he was on the phone chatting with his 92-year-old aunt.
I've been collecting these fabrics for almost a year now from different on-line Etsy sites or fabric web sites.
It wasn't until I carefully picked them all back up and placed them in a nice neat stack that I realized I should have taken a count, but, duh, I didn't think of that!  
Oh, well.  Next time I feel like taking them out to play I will see how many I have.  These are all 5" charm squares. 

That be-ribboned package is a stack of fat-eighths. 
I hope you enjoyed this Liberty show!
~ Jodi ~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kim's quilt:

I just realized I never showed you the pics of Kim's finished quilt.  It now resides on her bed and she seems pretty happy with it.  Here it is, free-motion quilted, in all its glory:
 My son was doing the honors of holding it up for me.  (I should have paid attention to the "stuff" in the background - ugh!)

Okasan is mother in Japanese (I hope I spelled it correctly!)  She calls herself my Japanese mother.  She will be 80 in July.
Have a blessed rest of the week, to those of you who have tarried with me this post!
xo  ~ Jodi ~

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Monday night quilting class

Linda, our "teacher", started us on a "Mystery" quilt a few months ago.  
                                  Here's Sue holding up her finished mystery top, posing pretty for my camera.
Sue was debating on whether or not to put borders.
And here's Ruthie, with borders:

Priscilla did not like some of the fabrics she chose for her quilt, so she's showing us another beauty that's she's working on:
 Priscilla, who's been quilting for umpteen years, keeps us going, encouraging us and lending us her wisdom when needed.  She also is so reliable, always there opening up the building ahead of time and getting everything ready for us.    
And Jean, hiding behind her's:

And here's Paula:

And another beauty Paula let me take some pics of:

There's are the words to a hymn.  I love this quilt!
Now you might be wondering where MY mystery quilt top is?  I confess.  It's not all put together YET!  Not only had my mojo dried up for blogging, but for sewing, too.  I think I'm back, though.  Sometimes life (and death) turns you upside down and it's hard to get righted again.  But if we stand on our SOLID ROCK, He will pick us back up again!  
~ Jodi ~

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm back...

Had a bit of a lull in my blogging mojo.  Thanks to those of you who are still with me.  I have been busy.
I made a couple of external hard drive "Passport" covers.  One for myself:
Don't you just love Kaffe Fassett? (the brown background fabric - I don't know the name of it) 
And one for a friend, who said she likes red:   


And here's a baby quilt I made a bit ago for a friend's grandson using 5" charm squares:

And the back:
I hope to be back soon with some more to show you!
~ Jodi ~