Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A peek

of sister Kathy's quilt, the culprit (the quilt top, not my sister :-) responsible for the carpal tunnel pain a week ago:  
The setting sun is shining on the left side.  (Ignore the mess items on the right side, please). 

I have, since the pictures, finished the top.  Now I need to pick out a backing fabric, which means a trip to a fabric shop!  Poor me!
~ Jodi ~

Monday, February 27, 2012

Destination: Newport

was where I headed last Saturday for the day to sew with friends at a Newport condo.
This is what I was working on, not the houses, but the stacks you see in the above foreground - my sister Kathy's quilt.  LOTS of paper piecing and ironing, which gave me LOTS of carpal tunnel pain that night and the next day.  I should have known six hours of the same movements would bring trouble!  
This is what Michele was working on for her hubby who loves turtles, and they've been to Hawaii three times so she was bringing that aspect into this quilt:

Here's Ruth with her gorgeous fabrics.  She's making a Blooming Nine Patch:

I would love to see this quilt in its full glory someday.  
Next is Lori, who was so sweet to invite me.  She is working on a UFO, unfinished for quite a while because she decided that she just doesn't like these fabrics.  You know how you buy some fabrics you love in the store, and then that love takes flight and, ugh, what was I thinking!  Well, I think the fabrics are great and work well together.  They remind me of Morocco or Egypt, a place I so far only dream about. 

And here's Betty's wonderful quilt, I think for her granddaughter, but I might be mistaken.  It's absolutely gorgeous, and look at all that embroidery in every block:

  She didn't want to be in the pictures, so you can't get a look at the talented lady!  
Here's the view we had from the glass doors, America's Cup Avenue in the forefront:

I hope you enjoyed my Destination:  Newport.  I sure did!  Later this week I will show my results of all that piecing and ironing!
Have a great day - may you bless and be blessed!
~ Jodi ~

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fabric from a coworker

A coworker, Sandra, gave me a very pleasant surprise one day last week:
She said she found this fabric while cleaning out a room in her home.  It's from V.I.P. Fabrics, made at Cranston Print Works, Cranston, Rhode Island, which is sadly no longer in business.  It's a beautiful burgundy on a cream background.  In this pic it looks kind of rose-colored, but it's not.  I LOVE IT!  So nice of her to think of me.  Thank you, Sandra!
Oh, and one more pic.  This is the fabric in a nice little box I found at Michael's last week, and it was 30% off!  Yippee!  I'm going to use to carry around my scissors and whatnot.
Take care everybody, and thanks for stopping by!
~ Jodi ~

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recycled paper basket

 I made and gave this recycled paper basket to my daughter for Valentine's Day.  I'm showing some Denyse Schmidt fabrics and remnants from Joann's in it, but for her I put in a scarf, shirt, and a shirt and new sneaks for Ezra, none of which I took pics of.
 Tara posted the tutorial link for how to make it on her blog,, but here it is if you want to check it out:

Check out these adorable Babushka ornaments:
A friend at work has dubbed me "Babushka!"  She came up with that title when I was searching for a name for Ezra (my grandson), to call me.  Seeing as I am Irish, I was looking on the internet for what Irish babes call their grandmothers.  I couldn't find anything I could pronounce, for one thing, so she came up with Babushka!  It makes me smile every time she sends me an email addressed to Babushka!  Ha!  I believe it's the Russian name for grandmother.  If I was Russian I would embrace that name, but, alas, I am not, so for now I am Gram, unless Ezra comes up with his own handle for me!
And on that note, I will bid you good night/good day, wherever you may be!
~ Jodi ~