Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another year almost gone, another one fast approaching.  In 2011 you looked at my photos, read my complaints, answered my questions for help, encouraged and inspired me in all sorts of ways, and for all that, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I'm looking forward to a great year in quilting, but most of all, I'm looking forward to what God has in store for me as I begin the year with a new Bible study and commit myself to opening my heart and mind even further to his teaching and leading.
One very important goal for my physical health is to lose a few (ahem) pounds, and for my emotional health, to be content where I am no matter my circumstances, to lower my expectations of others and raise my own, and to find the true joy that I know is in my heart that the Holy Spirit keeps trying to show me, to have less of a poor me attitude, and more of finding my true happiness in the Lord and not looking for other people or material things to make me happy.  
So, my friends, thanks once again for "listening" and Happy New Year to you!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mug rugs and Christmas Yankee swap quilt

Bonnie from posted free paper-piecing patterns for these little darlings!  Thanks, Bonnie! 

My brother and his wife went home with this lap quilt:

I had trouble saying good-bye!  It was fun to slowly add fabrics to it over time.  I was inspired by Victoria at
  I pieced the top a while ago and then finished it up last week for our family Christmas party.  I think he likes it! 

Those flower pots (on their sides!) were feed sacks!  Soft as butter!
and the back:

My sweet sister "won" it but graciously gave it to him because she knew he really wanted it.  I am blessed with some wonderful siblings!
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!  May you bless and be blessed!
~ Jodi ~

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm back so soon,

to show you some of what I HAVE been doing while neglecting my blog.  Here's a peak of a lap quilt I made and gave at our family Christmas yankee swap:
  My bro took it home, now I need to get it back to wash it, sign it, and take more pics.
And I have been working on my sister's anniversary quilt, with many interruptions, though:
Thanks to all who gave me advice and instructions!  Very helpful, and I was able to figure it out thanks to my blogging friends!
I also am making a quilt for my friend, Kim.  Big 8" blocks with some sashing and I'll be finished:
And one more (like I NEED another project?) a mystery quilt my Monday night quilt class is starting:
So not a lot of finishes, but I have been very busy. But guess what?  My sewing machine took the worst possible time to take a sabbatical!  She's in the shop for repair - ugh!  A great friend lent me her sewing machine so I'm still making SOME progress.  No FM or darning feet, though!  Anthony better hurry fixing  my Brother!
Have a marvelous day!
~ Jodi ~   

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's been a while,

but I'm still here,
busy plugging away at various and sundry activities.  This is up on my design wall - a scrap quilt that I'm working on in between other projects.  These blocks are two HSTs, scraps from my blue and white quilt (except for those gold pieces, which is yet another project in the works):
 so, two HSTs sewn together:
then 1 1/2" squares sewn into four patches: 
then a four patch sewn to the two HSTs:  (grrrr, why did this next pic flip sideways???)
and another going in the other direction:
to make a 4 1/2" block:
which I will need about a trillion blocks to make a quilt!  But it's mindless work and I love it!
I also made some blocks in this layout:
but I like the white on the outside better.  
Well, I have lots to show you, but I should be getting ready for work right now, so I gotta skedaddle!  I hope to be back real soon!  Take care, my friends!  Have a blessed day!
~ Jodi ~   

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My crumb quilt

top is finished, except for the borders.
 and a black and white shot to make changes in placement of blocks - hmmm, it ain't easy!

I picked this up at a "yard" sale at Rhode Island School of Design.  It's an interesting textile, not sure what, but I like it, and it was only $1.

Now for a question:  I've done paper-piecing before, but I can't figure this out.  I printed out this pattern online.  But how do I place the rectangle piece of fabric so it covers the template properly?  

 Here's a photo of part of the pattern, (which I got from  It's called "Martinique."
If anyone has any words of wisdom for me, I would appreciate it!  My sister is supposed to look it over for me and try and help.  She LOVES paper piecing - me, not so much!  :-)
Anyway, I hope you all are well!  I've been neglecting my blog lately.  I have so little time to sew that I've opted to do that every chance I get lately.  And Monday I'm leaving for Florida for five days, so I won't be around till next weekend.  Have a great week, everyone!  May you bless and be blessed!
~ Jodi ~


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Royal mail

Liberty of London charming charm squares:

These came from Organic Stitch Co. in the UK.  It was a pack of charm squares so I couldn't pick each fabric individually, but I'm pretty happy with the selection I received, and there are quite a few more that I didn't show you.  But that Hello Kitty is a fat eighth, and where did that come from?  I don't remember ordering that!  I have a great niece who's into Hello Kitty so I'll give it to her Mame (grandma) who can make her a little something with it.   
My husband and I went to LaSalle Academy's (his alma mater) 140th anniversary celebration last night.  We came home with these pretties:

 Have a wonderful Sunday!
~ Jodi ~