Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another autumn table runner

 This is for a friend who is turning 60 soon.  I did have an issue with the fabric in the top row, second from left.  It's a yellow and white gingham.
When I ironed the seam, it actually started to melt!  Maybe I should have replaced it, but I didn't.  Has anyone had that problem with any fabrics?  I'm not sure where I got it.   
This is just the top.  I haven't backed it yet so stay tuned and I will show the finish soon.
The fabric in the middle bottom row with the large orange dots is actually a light-weight upholstery fabric.  You can't see it in the pic but it has silver lines in it and it's really pretty.  These pictures don't do the fabrics justice at all - very disappointing.  But, alas, some day I will get better at the photography aspect of blogging.
Take care, and God bless.
~ Jodi ~

Friday, October 26, 2012


Wow!  The color on this pic is scary in the early morning hours.  My dining room is not this golden, trust me!  I want to show you the table runner closest to the bottom of the photo.  (The other one I posted about last year)
Moving into my sewing room, this is a bit better.  We're going to a dinner party at a friend's so I wanted to bring something.  Whipped up this narrow table runner last night.
I can't remember what the color scheme is in her house so I hope this works.  Is it possible for orange to clash with orange?  If so, the above pic portrays that!  But anything with Kaffe Fassett is okay in my book.  Love that guy's designs!

Cute little owls.
(Don't pay attention to my cornice above)  I made a drawstring bag out of this black, brown, reddish-orange flower fabric and I get tons of compliments on it.
And this is the backing fabric I used - a freebie from a curtain shop near my home.  They were going to throw out about three yards of it out!  A sin, in my book!  So I rescued it and love it.  It has a Moroccan look, I think.  I hope it comes out of the washer and dryer all right.  I have to do that lickety-split when I get home from work this afternoon.  I did simple quilting, just Xs in every block.  And I'm so proud of myself - I didn't even need to draw any lines, and they're 5" blocks.  Nice and straight.  Of course, the machine-sewn binding is a little wonky.  Unfortunately, I should have photographed the better side.  Most of it is very straight and even.  Someone told me once that a quilter should never reveal his or her boo-boos.  Oh, well.  Just keeping it real!  :-)  Have a wonderful weekend!
~ Jodi ~ 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marimekko score

I visited the Marimekko web site and found that they were having a sale.  I've been curious about their fabric
and have liked a lot of things that Crate & Barrel has carried over the years with the Marimekko label.  This box is the way they came to my door.  The pic below shows two tissue-wrapped yards of fabric.  They wrap the fabric around cardboard forms, so, therefore, no creases, no wrinkles.  Yaaay!
This next picture shows a white fabric with flowers etched in (I'm sure that's not the correct term, though)
                                 Can you see the flowers?
And then this next one, another yard.  I do like this but I wish the colors were a bit more vibrant.
After your first order they give you a code to get free shipping on your next order.
AND there's a Marimekko store coming to Boston! Sounds like a field trip to me!
Anyone care to join me?
~ Jodi ~ 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Close ups of Sampler blocks

Debby and Linda, you are both geniuses advising me to use white sashing - thank you!  I LOVE it!  
There's only supposed to be cornerstones, but I goofed up cutting the white strips, so Mishka of Quilting Gallery gave me the idea and help with the little extra gray pieces to make up for my error.  I like that, too.
Gene, thanks for your encouragement in this quilt-along!  I can't believe you made TWO and they're both almost done!  Can't wait to see them completed!  I don't want mine to be a UFO for too long, so I think I'll set myself a goal of getting it completed by the end of November.
xo  ~ Jodi ~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Please vote for me...

maybe I will win some nice quilting gadget.  My quilt top is called "Jodi's Sampler."  You may vote for UP TO four quilts.  Here's the link:
And here's my top that you can check out:
This was a fun quilt-along.  I learned a lot of new things, and ended up with something pretty!
My placement is off a bit, though.  I DID have that top right block in the middle because it's the brightest, but somehow it got moved and I didn't even notice till too late.  And I forgot all about putting borders on.  Maybe later.
So if you have the time and inclination, please check out all the pretty flimsies. 
And have a wonderful day!
~ Jodi ~