Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sweet girl quilt for Fiona

These strips go together easily.  The hardest part, of course, is trying to keep them random.
(excuse my thready design wall)
Fiona's mom chose the fabrics, and I love them.
Can't wait to get it all done to give to sweet Fiona for her bedroom!
~ Jodi ~

Friday, August 8, 2014

Beach mini quilt in the works - maybe

I started making this - a long time ago.  I was waiting for more inspiration to strike, but it never did, so I put it away for a while.  Now I'm thinking I should finish it before the summer ends.  Hmmmm.  Sometimes posting things gets the creative mojo flowing, sometimes....... not.  
BTW, it's supposed to be a girl lying on her beach towel under an umbrella, NOT with a huge hat on like my husband suggested it looked.  Sheeesh - men!  Hahahaha!  (I think he just may be right - this time, anyway.)

Rotary cutting - ouch

Funny how I just couldn't bear to cut the lawn today with my healing hand (carpal tunnel surgery two weeks ago).  BUT I am managing to use my rotary cutter, much to my hand's detriment.  Well, not really.  I'm told you can't mess up the surgery that was done, but it sure hurts plenty.  My husband was doing some cutting for me, but he's out with his high school buddies tonight.  I couldn't make any more progress unless I did some cutting, so cutting I did!  :-)  Thank God for Tramadol.  It's going to be my friend tonight.

What have you been up to?  I fear I'm missing out on what a lot of you are posting on Instagram.  I have not jumped on that band wagon, yet.  But soon.
Take care, my blogging friends.
~ Jodi ~

Scrappy trip quilt went to a good home...

I began working on this quilt in January of 2013
It's a full/queen size
                                           Some of my favorite fabrics/colors

                                           the back - some my daughter's fabrics, some mine

All of these blue/white fabrics are from Japan - the most I've ever spent on fabric, and probably never will again.  I will miss this quilt!  I will just have to make myself another one, but it will have to be different fabric because these are all gone.
Have a blessed weekend, my friends!
~ Jodi ~

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Riley Blake Boy Crazy

I got carried away and made this quilt top too long.  But no problem, I will just rip a couple of rows off and use them when I piece the back. 
My niece gave birth to her little son, Wyatt, nine months ago.  This was going to be a baby quilt but he's almost a toddler now so I'm making it for his big boy bed.  
My sister Kate made curtains for his bedroom with some of this fabric line that his mom chose, so I'm pretty sure she will like this quilt - fingers crossed.  I finally opted for a very simple, quick pattern.  At first I was not a big fan of this fabric but it's growing on me.  And as luck would have it I had all of these solids in my stash, and they match perfectly.  Don't you love when that happens?
~ Jodi ~ 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

My sisters love me :-)

This Edible Arrangement came from my dear sister Mary (after my carpal tunnel surgery).  Yum!
And my sister Kate brought over this lovely yellow rose.  Goes nicely with my African Violets that took me years to finally get to bloom!
And yet another sister called to check up on me and stopped by for a visit.
Thank you, sisters!

Kaffe Fassett squares

A while back I purchased a bundle of 2 1/2" Kaffe Fassett squares from Folk Art Quilts in Wakefield, RI.  I came across Rachel's post of a quilt she just recently finished.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Her choices of colors always inspire me to try different things.
     I coerced my son and husband into doing some rotary cutting for me.  I am left-handed and had carpal tunnel surgery last week on my left hand.  My son was too timid about it and just couldn't get it right, but my husband?  He's hired!