Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A morning with Melissa Averinos!

 Back sometime in the summer Melissa invited me to join her face-making group at a quilt shop on the Cape called Tumbleweed Quilts.  I was so pleased and surprised, I just had to drop everything and get there!
What a blast I had, after a fashion.  My creative side, if I even have one, must have stayed home, but Melissa was so kind, patient, and such a good teacher.
 I had such trouble letting go of "how I thought a face SHOULD look".  Ugh.
 Hers come together so effortlessly, it seemed to me.

 This one above, and the one below, are all some of hers in the making.
 These next two are mine.  I really like them, especially when viewed from a bit of a distance.
 The only problem is, when I got home, I hung them on my design wall, and a couple of
days later, flicked on the switch for my ceiling fan, which just so happened to be on HIGH!  Oh, no!  My faces went flying around the room!  Or at least some parts of them.  Good thing I have pictures because, sort of like humpty-dumpty, I could not possibly put them back together again.  But I will, some day, and I WILL, some day, finish them up.  Then I will need to scour Melissa's IG and blog to figure out how to stitch them down and quilt them, and all that finish work.
Thanks, Melissa, for inviting me to such a fun, creative day, and it was so nice to meet you again!
~ Jodi ~


  1. How cool! Sorry you had a humpty dumpty momet but they are really worth doing again!

  2. This looks like it was a fun day! I find taking pics is a handy way to check back on detail, just as well you took the photos! I'm wondering too just how Melissa does stitch those little bits of fabric down, maybe raw edge?

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  5. Thank You for your suggestion.



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