Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another autumn table runner

 This is for a friend who is turning 60 soon.  I did have an issue with the fabric in the top row, second from left.  It's a yellow and white gingham.
When I ironed the seam, it actually started to melt!  Maybe I should have replaced it, but I didn't.  Has anyone had that problem with any fabrics?  I'm not sure where I got it.   
This is just the top.  I haven't backed it yet so stay tuned and I will show the finish soon.
The fabric in the middle bottom row with the large orange dots is actually a light-weight upholstery fabric.  You can't see it in the pic but it has silver lines in it and it's really pretty.  These pictures don't do the fabrics justice at all - very disappointing.  But, alas, some day I will get better at the photography aspect of blogging.
Take care, and God bless.
~ Jodi ~


  1. Your friend is going to love this!!! What a lucky lady

  2. That will make such a nice gift. Pretty colors too.

  3. Really nice! Too bad about the melting!

  4. I have stopped using some of my (many many) scraps because I had a few low quality polyesters surprise me like this. I just did a quilt with some fabric that another person gave me though, and it was a mess, I could barely iron it. I think that was some kind of low quality upholstery fabric.

    It's a shame but I don't know that it would effect the durability of the fabric, it's probably fine to leave it in there...

  5. If that gingham began to melt, it's because it isn't 100 percent cotton. It's a poly/cotton blend - popular in the 80s, before good quilting fabric was available. I'd pitch the rest of the gingham, if I were you. By the way, to test fabric when you're uncertain of the fiber content, just stand over a sink of water with a small swatch of the fabric and light a match under it. If it melts, it has polyester; if it turns to ash, it's cotton.


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