Monday, October 8, 2012

Close ups of Sampler blocks

Debby and Linda, you are both geniuses advising me to use white sashing - thank you!  I LOVE it!  
There's only supposed to be cornerstones, but I goofed up cutting the white strips, so Mishka of Quilting Gallery gave me the idea and help with the little extra gray pieces to make up for my error.  I like that, too.
Gene, thanks for your encouragement in this quilt-along!  I can't believe you made TWO and they're both almost done!  Can't wait to see them completed!  I don't want mine to be a UFO for too long, so I think I'll set myself a goal of getting it completed by the end of November.
xo  ~ Jodi ~


  1. Good job on your design calls and colors !

  2. Oh, I love these colors! The white with all the bits of gray make it look very graphic. You're sewing up a stunner.

  3. The quilt is really coming along, it reminds me of a stained glass window with the bits of gray added in. Wonderful quilt!!

  4. It looks wonderful! I would have never known you made any mistakes ;-)


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