Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blue and white stars IS coming along...

You probably don't recognize this quilt, it's been so long since I've shown it, I think.  I made it eons ago (well, over a year anyway) but it does not seem to want to be completed.  I just finished ripping out some FMQg I did on a longarm rental - ONE WHOLE ROW - it's a king-sized quilt!  The woman at the shop said she wouldn't charge me for it.  I'm pretty sure that the shop owner should be responsible for making sure the bobbin tension is correct.  This was my first stint at the longarm machine. Your first 20 hours are considered a learning curve and you pay as a beginner, thereafter you pay a different price because then you're considered experienced.  The woman helping me kept checking the bobbin stitching and saying she was going to tweak it to get it "better."  Well, I finally said to myself, "you better take a look at the back to see for yourself."  Gah!  It was horrible in places!  I never saw such a mess!  You can imagine my dismay.  I went home sick, knowing I could not live with it this way, OR give it to a friend.  What a job ripping it out was but I'm glad I did.  Now one more trip to Mansfield, then I can do the binding and give it to her.
If you have some comment or insight into this experience I had, please feel free to educate me on the niceties of longarm rentals.  But be nice, please!
~ Jodi ~


  1. Hi Jodi. I have played on a long arm a few times, but the owner was right there. She had everything just so. I was happy. Usually, I get her to do my big ones because she's good ; )

  2. I've not had the experience, but I would think that she would have the tension adjusted for you. That seems crucial.

  3. Sounds like a great reason to learn to machine quilt on one's domestic sewing machine!


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