Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marimekko score

I visited the Marimekko web site and found that they were having a sale.  I've been curious about their fabric
and have liked a lot of things that Crate & Barrel has carried over the years with the Marimekko label.  This box is the way they came to my door.  The pic below shows two tissue-wrapped yards of fabric.  They wrap the fabric around cardboard forms, so, therefore, no creases, no wrinkles.  Yaaay!
This next picture shows a white fabric with flowers etched in (I'm sure that's not the correct term, though)
                                 Can you see the flowers?
And then this next one, another yard.  I do like this but I wish the colors were a bit more vibrant.
After your first order they give you a code to get free shipping on your next order.
AND there's a Marimekko store coming to Boston! Sounds like a field trip to me!
Anyone care to join me?
~ Jodi ~ 

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  1. What yummy fabric!! Can't wait to see how you use it


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