Friday, October 26, 2012


Wow!  The color on this pic is scary in the early morning hours.  My dining room is not this golden, trust me!  I want to show you the table runner closest to the bottom of the photo.  (The other one I posted about last year)
Moving into my sewing room, this is a bit better.  We're going to a dinner party at a friend's so I wanted to bring something.  Whipped up this narrow table runner last night.
I can't remember what the color scheme is in her house so I hope this works.  Is it possible for orange to clash with orange?  If so, the above pic portrays that!  But anything with Kaffe Fassett is okay in my book.  Love that guy's designs!

Cute little owls.
(Don't pay attention to my cornice above)  I made a drawstring bag out of this black, brown, reddish-orange flower fabric and I get tons of compliments on it.
And this is the backing fabric I used - a freebie from a curtain shop near my home.  They were going to throw out about three yards of it out!  A sin, in my book!  So I rescued it and love it.  It has a Moroccan look, I think.  I hope it comes out of the washer and dryer all right.  I have to do that lickety-split when I get home from work this afternoon.  I did simple quilting, just Xs in every block.  And I'm so proud of myself - I didn't even need to draw any lines, and they're 5" blocks.  Nice and straight.  Of course, the machine-sewn binding is a little wonky.  Unfortunately, I should have photographed the better side.  Most of it is very straight and even.  Someone told me once that a quilter should never reveal his or her boo-boos.  Oh, well.  Just keeping it real!  :-)  Have a wonderful weekend!
~ Jodi ~ 


  1. Hey, boo-boos or not, it is sure a pretty runner! I'm with you, Kaffe Faccett colors make me smile with the happy bright prints ~

  2. I like the warm glow in the first photo ; ) lovely runner


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