Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beach umbrella mug rug...

that Angela of "Cut to Pieces" let me use her idea/design for.  It's for a friend who lives at the beach.  It's just a  work in progress right now.  I showed it to my husband and asked him if he knew what it was - "a baby laying on a towel."  Well, it's SUPPOSED to be a woman.  I was thinking that it looks like a girl in a bikini wearing a big hat when it's supposed to be a beach umbrella, so I was surprised when he came out with that, but he's right.  Maybe I'll just start all over again so I can get the scale a bit more in line with reality?  That book is pretty big, too!  Here's another pic:
Off to the right is supposed to be the ocean.  I think I need to add some greenish-blue fabrics and maybe do the quilting a little differently to blend the ocean waves.  Anyway, I'm working on it and it's fun.
Here's the link to Angela's (most of you have probably already seen this from almost two years ago - I fell in love with it at the time):
Isn't it darling?   (aww, the link is not working, but if you cut and paste, that should work -  and it's worth the look, trust me!)
Here's something similar that I started working on over a year ago:  It still needs a lot of work also:
 That's supposed to be a sandy, rocky beach (hmmm) with an umbrella, beach towels, bikini, cooler, sailboat out in the ocean, the sunset, and on the left a sandy dune with a wind fence, and a tree with a little owl in it.

                   The sailboat needs some help, as does the sun!
 The tree should have some leaves or something on it - unless it's winter!

Um, yeah.  Now that I look at these pics again after so long, I can't believe I'm showing them to the whole world!  (Okay, not the WHOLE world, just 103 followers from all OVER the world.  It needs a LOT of work, just like I said!  Ha!
Till next time, take care!   ~ Jodi ~
(Oh, and I didn't forget that I promised a giveaway.  I'm still ruminating about what to GIVE!)



  1. I think they are both cute ideas. The mug rug is darling for a "beachy" person. Very creative!

  2. It's adorable. She will love it!

  3. It's so cute! The little owl is funny :)

  4. Your efforts with this are wonderful, Jodi! I admire you for trying it and making it work. I really like the looks of the fence along the beach, and the last beach picture. You're doing a great job of depicting the real thing, no doubt about it!

  5. My first thought was: a lady lying on a beach towel under an umbrella, then I read what your husband thought it looked like :) maybe if you slim her legs down a little and put her in a thong bikini (you could embroider that perhaps) lol

  6. Your version of the mugrug is just adorable! Nicely done!

  7. Love it Jodi! Such creativity :-)


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