Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the log cabin that Jack built...

 Some of the scrappy blocks sewn together and hanging in window,
a different kind of design, hanging in window,
and the completed quilt top.  No big surprise, but all my seams do NOT match up.  But it's just for my own couch (finally, a quilt I'm going to keep!)  Now to find some backing fabric and quilt it up.
I'm looking for a tutorial on how to square up the top.  I've never really worried about that before, but I have to learn.  I have an appointment to rent a longarm machine, and I'm told the top has to be square before it is loaded on the machine.
Time for bed!
~ Jodi ~
Oh, and giveaway will be posted on Friday so come back and tarry with me then.


  1. I love the window design!!! Good luck in getting it squared up for the machine. I hope it goes well.

  2. The quilt reminds me a bit of a stained glass window, will be interested in seeing how you go with squaring it up, I've wondered about that with my quilts, but wondering is as far as I've got :)

  3. gorgeous quilt. I started quilting because I saw quilt like this in a book and had to try it.

  4. Beautiful quilt!!! It reminds me a stained glass windows in an old church, so glad it is for you!! Maybe you could ask the shop that you are doing the long arm quilting at if they could help you square up your quilt. I can never tell if mine are square or not!

  5. Delicious, delicious quilt top, I also thought of stained glass when I saw it. I love these scrappy designs. What size are the blocks?

  6. What a gorgeous accomplishment!

  7. Really beautiful! So much work, patience and love!

  8. So nice. Log cabins are such a favourite of mine. And inspired by your vege bounty. It's about time to plant over this side of the world, and harvest the broad beans and snow peas. Yum!


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