Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Log cabin blocks all trimmed, upcoming giveaway, and a rainbow...

And I have the first row sewn together.  Stayed tuned for a finished quilt top AND a giveaway to celebrate 100 plus followers!
My hubs and I saw this beautiful rainbow as we were leaving the house tonight to do an errand:
A rainbow is God's promise to us that he would never again flood the earth as he did back in Noah's day.
This picture was taken from the front steps of my home as my husband was giving me instructions on how to take the photo.  I always offer the camera to him, but he never takes it, he just likes to give helpful hints!  "Did you get the whole thing?"  "Did you get it from horizon to horizon?"  "Make sure it's not blurry!"  Etc., etc. Arghghgh!


  1. What a helpful honey he is, lol! I love God's promises ~

  2. What a stunning rainbow! Beautiful.

  3. A beautiful picture Jodi, love the pink sky too. My husband is exactly the same :)

  4. I want to know what you are planning to do with those scraps from squaring up???

  5. Ahh, your husband sounds like mine... who was a supervisor in his previous life. He has never gotten over telling ME what to do either. That's why I boss him right back. Ah, a marriage made in heaven.


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