Saturday, August 18, 2012

I, too, won!

 I THOUGHT I was just winning this wonderful pack of Mayberry free-trade coffee, BUT
Debby of sent me these four lovely fat quarters, also!!!  Wow, what a wonderful surprise!  She's quite done with summer and wishes to help fall along by spreading autumnish fabrics around, and I get to be a lucky recipient!  Check out her blog, it's fun and she's a grandmother, so there's LOTS going on at Nanny's Place!  Thanks again, Debby.  We'll be having ourselves a pot of Jamaican Me Crazy Mayberry Coffee tomorrow morning with your breakfast.  


  1. I can smell the freah coffee from here, glad you liked your little goodie bag!

  2. Congratulations :-) What a fun win!

  3. That's awesome...and my favorite! =) Can't go wrong with coffee either. =)'s so nice to be blessed!


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