Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hotdogs or hot studs?

I'll let you be the judge of that! (Although if you're under the age of 40, you might want to scroll quickly down to the quilty portion of this post NOW!

We went to breakfast last Saturday with my sister and BIL and brought my camera to take pics of our new 241 Tote bags designed by Anne Graham of Our husbands thought our displaying of our bags in the apple tree was lame, so they decided to model them for us.

Ummm, I really like the apple tree pictures, don't you??? We did have fun making the bags, even though we had some problems of our own doing. At first I wanted to blame the pattern, but then my sister realized it was our own ineptness that was getting us all in a tizzy. SHE figured out the confusion, then we were off and running and finished the bags in about four hours, instead of the two it should have taken.
I have this baby quilt
basted and ready to be quilted. Then I'm going to start the boy baby quilt which I showed you a bit ago.
When I get bored with the blue and white quilt, which I have thirty-six 12 1/2 inch blocks done so far, out of sixty-something needed to be complete,
I work on these:
which are seven 1-inch squares by seven 1-inch squares. I got the idea from Katy of Her blog is fabulous - you should check it out. I'll be putting up more pics of my blocks and asking for input on what solid color I should use for the solid blocks. (I don't think I'm supposed to have any solid in what I've already done - oops!) Has anyone seen these quilts, some called scrap vomit, and on Flickr? The ones I've seen, like Katy's, are 2-inch squares finished, so twice the size of mine. I love Katy's, it's gorgeous and fun!


  1. Guys, huh? They'll do anything for a laugh. Tell 'em you're sending their photos it to New York, and to expect a call any day!

    Lots of fun sewing, I've looked more than once at the (vomit) quilt, myself, yours is looking good in it's one inch wonders. As far a purses go, I've had the same problem myself with reading the patterns. I believe I have 4 started that I became frustrated with. It's always better to make them with a friend, 2 heads are better than one!

  2. Tree photos? No way! Your models are awesome!!

  3. I love the bags, and the models are pretty good, too. I started that scrap vomit quilt way back when. Yours is looking good. Makes me want to keep going on mine.

  4. Oh Jodi, I hope you didn't PAY those male models! (ggg) The apple trees are much more dignified and appropriate for your really cute bags. And "scrap vomit"? What a name! I'll be checking it out further. Yours looks fantastic!


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