Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is my blog versatile?

First a picture of what I've just finished tonight, the quilting of this baby quilt:

I did free-motion quilting. It came out, ehh. Two small puckers, and I was aiming for meandering. Hmmmm. I'll let it go at that. Notice there are no close-up pictures :-)
Next, I've been very remiss in acknowledging an award I received from Michele of Island Life Quilts. She gave me the honor of giving me the Versatile Blogger Award back in May, and it came at a very busy and kind of demanding period in life as I know it, so I'm just getting around now to following through with the acceptance of it. The deal is I get to tell you seven things about myself that you might not know, (nor care to, either). Then I give the award to five people (I think it's five!).
So sit back and read for a minute or two, if you'd like, of course.
1. I am left-handed. When I was in early elementary school, the nuns tried to bully me into changing hands, but my mom wouldn't hear of it and went into school and told them in no uncertain terms, no way, she was born left-handed, she's staying left-handed. Yaaay, Mom!
2. I had been coloring my hair since I was about 25 yrs old due to going prematurely gray, and one and a half years ago when I turned 50, I went au naturale - gray/white/silver, whatever!
3. The year I turned 50, I became a grandmother to Ezra.
4. The year I turned 50, I had a total hip replacement.
5. I love to bicycle in the good weather and ride about 30 miles a week, not much, but I love it. And I've been walking/jogging about 12 miles a week.
6. I am a court reporter and work in Superior Court.
7. I learned to water ski as a child on a lake, but my parents sold the beach house and that was the end of that.

Now I will give the award to five bloggers who, when I see their blog name pop up in Google, I get a little swell of excited anticipation, knowing that what I'm about to read or look at is going to be fantastic!
1. (of course!)

Thanks for staying with me, if you did! I could have had a list a mile long. Decisions, decisions!
Tell we tarry again, may you bless and be blessed!
~ Jodi ~


  1. Love the quilt! I think I always have a few little puckers :) It's great that you bike and walk so many miles with having the hip replacement! Good for you!

  2. what a pretty quilt! (And congrats on your award.) :)

  3. Such a lovely quilt (and I love learning new things about you!)

  4. Call me dense by not sure at what you are wanting me to do... perhaps I am still waking up? Not sure what you mean by "name popping up in google" PS - I too am in my right mind as I am indeed a southpaw!

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the award! It is such fun to learn more about blog friends. :-) Thanks for sharing!


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