Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blue and white quilt (Elizabeth Hartman's Superstar)

As usual, my photos are lacking in clarity and color accuracy, but these are the first few blocks I made. I have 22 made so far, which I will post pics of later, don't worry :-) using various and sundry fabrics, mostly blue and white.

I want to thank Pokey and Pip for the tips on fraying. My next trip to the fabric store will include those supplies. And thanks for all the anniversary wishes - we had a wonderful day on Jamestown (do you say "on" when you're on an island?)
I am STILL having trouble commenting on some blogs, so if you haven't heard from me, it's not from lack of trying! Very frustrating! ESPECIALLY when it's a great giveaway I want to enter!
Humor me while I post one pic of my darling Ezra:
Sleeping so peacefully in their tent while camping out! Might I say the quilt that grandma made is the reason for the comfyness?
Have a great day, everyone! May you bless and be blessed!
~ Jodi ~


  1. One of the ways to avoid having problems when trying to leave comments is to NOT check "stay signed in" when you're signing into Gmail.

    The other (if you're still having problems on some sites) is to choose the name/url option rather than using your Google profile.

  2. These blue and white stars are wonderful, especially the box-in-box centers. And show little Ezra any time!

  3. I love how you photographed them side by side so you can see just how much of a different look you can get get by reversing what print goes where. They turned out great too, good job!

  4. Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog. I used to live in RI and have been to Jamestown many times. Love your blog. I'm going to scroll through a few of your archived posts before I move along. Your blocks look great. I was tickled to see your grandbaby asleep in a tent. I raised my daughter camping every summer. We had such fun! ~karen

  5. Love your photo of Ezra camping, with that gorgeous quilt! Nice to see that your family can camp in such style thanks to grandma!!

  6. What a fun campout! Beautiful blocks :-)


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