Monday, July 11, 2011

Fishy Onesie

I made this onesie for Ezra a couple of months ago, but don't think I posted any pics. I came across the pics on my camera card the other day and thought I would show you.
I machine-appliqued the gnome fabric on, but Tara informed me that it's starting to fray after several washings. Oh, well. That gives me an excuse to make some more. He's probably outgrown it now anyway.
I've been so busy sewing in my free time that I haven't posted in a while, but soon I will show you what I'm working on. And it's not the Farmer's Wife blocks, either. I think those are going to remain UFOs (unfinished objects) for quite a while, as I made some poor decisions and can't get my enthusiasm worked up for them anymore. Oh, well - live and learn!
Have a great Monday!
~ Jodi ~


  1. The little gnomes on Ezra's ties are too, too cute, just perfect for that little cutie himself! Maybe a bit of fraycheck after the tie is sewn will do the trick on the next one.
    The Farmer's Wife quilt is such a beauty, but I knew I didn't or wouldn't stay with the challenge. It will be there when you come back to it, Jodi....

  2. Oh, what a cute onsie!
    Sorry about the blocks...hopefully they'll learn their lesson while they're in a time out :)

  3. Another thing you could try is an iron-on interfacing (can't think of the commercial name) which would help stop the applique from fraying.
    It's like that sometimes with UFOs's, you start off enthusiastic and then all of a sudden you don't like them, I usually just put them away and come back to them eventually.


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