Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby girl Pips and a Mother's Day gift!

This is a baby girl quilt for a friend/neighbor who is expecting in September. They have decided to be surprised with the baby's gender, so Tara suggested I make two quilts, one for a boy and one for a girl. (I haven't started the boy's yet - better get moving on that!)
I bought two yards of the Sherbet Pips fabric from a quilt show in New York, and the rest on the internet (I forget which site).
Do you see that label on the bottom right? Matt and Tara gave me a lifetime supply of these beautiful fabric labels. Some time ago I sent Tara a bunch of links and asked her to design some for me, as I felt too inept to accomplish the task and she has a knack for things like that. This is what she came up with:
Isn't it great? I love the colors she chose and the cup and saucer. Perfect for what I want to convey: sit and tarry with me for a bit while you peruse my blog. I still need to hand-sew the label on completely, thus the pins. Tara ordered the labels from Spoonflower, in case you're interested.

On another note, my Farmer's Wife blocks are NOT coming along so well! It seems every block I have some sort of problem! I'm almost ready to throw in the farmer's wife's kitchen towel :-) Are any of you making these blocks? I know I see a lot of the bloggers I follow doing them, some with no complaints, some with similar complaints as mine.
Today the love of my life and I are celebrating our 31st anniversary, which was June 28. We're going to spend the day on Jamestown (a small island about 35 minutes away). We're bringing our bikes, our bathing suits, and clothes to change into so at the end of the day we can have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants: Trattoria Simpatico. They have al fresco dining and the food is spectacular! I hope you all enjoy your day as much as I'm sure we will enjoy ours!
Take care, and may you bless and be blessed!
~ Jodi ~


  1. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned!

  2. Happy anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful time has been planned. Your quilt is adorable and I really like your label. I haven't seen anybody complaining about the FW blocks but did read reviews with similar comments through some book sites.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both, Jodi! hope it is the beginning of a great year. Your daughter did a beautiful job on the label. I'm bookmarking the site, one could always use a new label idea, huh? your pips quilt is a nice completion.

  4. 31 years! Congratulations! That is quite the accomplishment and I hope you have a wonderful and much deserved trip!
    And the quilt looks lovely! I love the idea of the label and I just may have to look into getting some :)

  5. Hope you had a lovely anniversary, sounds like you had a great day and evening planned. Your little label is really cute, just adds the finishing touch to the quilt, which is also quite lovely. I have some of the Sherbet Pips fabric but haven't thought about what I will make with it yet.

  6. Lovely quilt Jodi! I'm sure you had a great anniversary :-)

  7. nice reminds me to make more and sew them on!!!


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