Saturday, October 2, 2010

Coming apart...

at the seams!  Why?  Can anyone tell me why this happens to my blocks, strips, etc?

Do you see the little hole?  That's the end of a strip and the threads are coming apart.  So I had the whole quilt top together, sewed on the outside sashing, was about to start piecing the back, and noticed these little holes here and there, about six of them that I had to repair!  It's pretty frustrating but there must be a trick so that doesn't happen.  Does anyone else have that problem?  Would love to hear from you all on this dilemma!
Have a great weekend - bless and be blessed!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a wonderful comment.

    I would check the stitch length in your machine. They might be set on long. Short stitch length will help.
    Also, when you end sewing up a patch, before you cut it lose from the machine, sew another little swatch and then release the quilt patch.. that way the quilt patch is sewn all the way to the edge. It also saves you from all the thread tails at the end of each block.
    Hope this helps.
    Have a great productive weekend!

  2. Stitch length, needle too big, sewn too near edges, fabric too thin or too old? I don't know how this can happen to your quilt now when you have made all the other lovely quilts so beautifully. I love the one for Aunt Cecile ! Your sewing is so neat & precise! Fabulous job!

  3. I have to vote for stitch length. I use 2.0 for sewing seams, 3.0 for machine quilting.


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