Monday, October 4, 2010

Final pictures on baby quilt, I promise!

I just have to show you the FINAL pictures of the baby quilt I made for my first grandbaby, a boy, due at the end of this month or early November.  Ashley from Film in the Fridge gave me permission to use her design, although there are some variations.  Thank you, Ashley!
This is the back with a big wrinkle from being folded up.  These fish have names, Robert, Bubbles, etc.
 And this is the front.  I had lots of fun making this quilt, with help from my husband because it's actually only the second quilt I've made and I needed help with the math.  And my daughter seems to really like it, and her husband, too!  That's a feat in itself!

Tara and I went to her SIL's baby shower yesterday and here's some pics:

Yummy cake!

A quilt Tara made for her SIL. (She's having a boy, too!)
The pregnant SILs!  


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  1. Wow! Your second quilt? You did a great job and that is my favorite Heather Ross fabric!

    Congrats on everything,


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