Saturday, October 9, 2010

Squash and scraps

Happy Columbus Day weekend!  I have lots I want to accomplish this weekend, as I'm sure all of you do, too?  I've been looking at this home-grown pile of Butternut Squash in my dining room for about a week now.  They were just begging to have their picture taken before they get peeled, cut up, and eaten!
Then last week I saw on someone's blog, I wish I could remember whose, this great idea.  So I bought a little 2 1/2" template and started cutting my scraps from the kaleidescope quilt that is still a WIP.  Many thanks to the clever blogger for this wonderful tip (and to think I almost gave all the scraps away).  Now I can make another entire quilt out of the scraps and we all know how expensive fabric can be!
Speaking of fabric, I just had to show you these lovelies I purchased online last week:
I have some ideas for the Dream On, but not for these beauties, YET!
Have a great weekend, my sweet friends!


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  1. wow thats a ton of squash!!! what did you do make it all??


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