Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Table toppers or wall hangings, whichever!

I made these for some very dear friends.  One lent me her sewing machine when mine was on the fritz, and the others, husband and wife, lent us their bed!  Okay, not really, just one of the beds in their gorgeous home (I wish I took some pics) in Silver Spring, FL. On our road trip back home to RI they invited us to stay overnight.  They spoiled us something fierce!  It was like staying in a ritzy B&B (bed and breakfast), but it was free!  So I wanted to do something to show our appreciation. I made this:

And this for the wonderful sewing machine lender friend:  (I let her pick which one she would like, and she picked good, too, because the FL dining room/kitchen has brown in it and I thought it would work well there).

And one more, in case you haven't seen enough (smile)!  This is the back and my machine quilting.  I love the fruit fabric and the Hope Valley backing.  
I had a blast making these!  You might remember I made a black/white/red one a little while ago and now they're my go-to handmade gift when I need one in a hurry.  The pattern is super easy.  I got it from Linda at where she gives a tutorial.
That's all for now, folks!


  1. Jodi, what wonderful gifts. I love the fabrics, too!
    I think they'll be much loved.
    Had to laugh about you wearing a red blouse on Red Friday!
    Next week's colour is Blue...
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Excellent fabrics! Excellent quilts!


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