Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Table runner I started over a year ago - finished!

My first, and so far, only applique project.  Luckily, the pics don't show all my boo-boos!  And many thanks to a wonderful friend, Lorraine, for all her help and encouragement along the way!  AND?  I machine-sewed both sides of the binding!  There, I admitted it in print and no binding police came to arrest me!  Ha!


  1. It's a lovely table-runner, Jodi! You have every right to be proud of it. Machine-sewn binding, hmmm? You're under arrest! I'm locking you up, taking you off to a sewing room, and making you STAY there, sewing! Now what do you think of that!?

  2. I love the runner and the colours - it is great

  3. Today i have awarded!
    Even something you've worked ...

  4. It looks great! I really want to make a larger fall quilt next year :)


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