Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby girl quilt kit finished

I finished this baby quilt a while ago but have not been able to gift it to the recipient YET.  Hopefully this coming weekend.
I thought this kit was going to be sewn together like a Trip Around the World - wrong.  Each piece had to be sewn together individually!  But it's pretty, nonetheless.
I love the backing fabric - I think it's Philip Jacobs?  And I didn't have quite enough so I put a strip of gray on the left side.  I hope Olivia likes it!  She was born May 3 and shares her birthday with my son, who is now 24 years old.
By the way, Happy New Year to you all!
~ Jodi ~


  1. I am sure she will love it. It looks wonderful.

  2. Hey there, Jodi! It's good to see what you've been up to. That's an adorable quilt, and I am sure it will be loved. Happy new year to you too! I hope it's filled with everything quilt-y that you love, and good health.

  3. Such yummy colors, Jodi! One of my first quilts was this pattern, and for my own daughter this is what we made for the first baby blanket, too. It's so good to see you post again, you do such creative work ~


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