Thursday, January 9, 2014

Whole cloth hand quilting

I received this queen-sized whole cloth quilt from a coworker.  Her partner's mom passed away, leaving behind this almost-finished lovely muslin beauty.  She was a pretty fair hand-quilter.  I hope to do it justice and get it finished some one of these days.  It's really tough on the fingers, though, thus, the thimble.  


  1. Oh, my, that is a commitment to a friend! How special for you to take it on. Your stitches are beautiful ~

  2. Finishing that for someone is such a meaningful and loving assignment. I hear you on the thimble though! I really like the stick on pads called thimble-it since they get in just the right spots. Maybe try them if you find yourself still suffering.

    thanks for your very kind comment on my post yesterday =)

  3. Isn't that cool. I haven't hand quilted in years. Enjoy


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