Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Design wall miscellany

Some manly blocks at the top, tiny scrap blocks on the right,
 Goldfish blocks for my new grandson's quilt (Ezra's little bro, Finn, was born 9/11!)
 and some randomness which might become mug rugs.
Then I have this pinned right by the doorway.  I try to remember to pause and read this every time I'm leaving my sewing room.
xo  ~ Jodi ~


  1. Aww, I didn't know you have a new baby in the family. That's great! I love what you're doing with the goldfish.

  2. Congratulations, G'ma! I bet Ezra is thrilled. I loved that goldfish print.
    Your design wall looks like my desk top, there are bits of this and that, but not to go together.
    We are definitely on the same page with James 4:8, I'm trying to rest in those promises that keep God in the Driver's seat ~
    :-} pokey

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  4. It's fun to see what's on your design wall, and I really like that saying. Congrats on the new grandie! We're expecting another boy in January.


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