Thursday, July 12, 2012

This quilt needs a name

                                 It's in the machine, ready for the binding to be sewed on, finally!
                             It came back from the longarm quilter, Sue, of Ponagansett Quiltery.
                                                                   She's on Facebook.
It came out pretty good and I can't wait to give it to my sister!  Maybe she won't be looking at my blog before I can get over to her house for a visit.  I will be very relieved to have it off my plate.  It was a huge learning experience, from paper piecing, to putting on whole strips of blocks backwards and not realizing it until the longarm quilter emailed me with the bad news, AFTER it was already loaded on the frame!  (Some of you who do longarm quilting are probably groaning at that.)  Man, was I embarrassed and not happy with myself.  Plus it was an extra trip there and back, half hour each way, once to go retrieve the quilt to bring back home and fix it, and then another trip to deliver it for a second time.  Half an hour may not seem like a big deal to those of you who live in very large states, but I live in the littlest state in the US, AND I work full time, so every hour of every day is precious.  Okay, enough complaining from me - sorry!  I DO love the fabrics and the pattern.  It reminds me of beautiful flowers growing up on a trellis.  I will post one more picture of it when the border is on.  Hopefully you're not sick of seeing it by now.  And by the way, no one noticed (or said anything, anyway) that the strip of blocks was on backwards when I posted it here:  In the first two pics you can see the   error on the left side.
                          I don't usually blab on and on so long - sorry!  But thanks for reading to those of you who still are!
                                                                 ~ Jodi ~


  1. It sure is pretty, that leaf print really pops! Sorry for your troubles, Jodi, but I went back and looked, and I cannot tell the fabric is wrong in any of the pictures, it must be well printed on the back. Live and learn, right?

  2. It's lovely. I am sure your sister will treasure it : )

  3. Ack! I am SO sorry for you! The wrong-direction strip was so subtle that you could have called this an I Spy a Mistake quilt! I get upset with myself when I do similar things, but in the end it's worth all the extra aggravation and effort to correct the error. Sometimes the corrections make the project even better. And no, you didn't go on too long about this. You've given us a good reminder to check our work, even when we think we've done it correctly. So you need a name for this quilt? That's a stumper since I'd call it something appropriate to the challenge it was, rather than what it looks like in the end - beautiful! Maybe name it after the leafy print. Do you know what those leaves are called?

  4. Hi, Jodi. Well, every quilt has a story, doesn't it? Lucky sister, all the same. I usually just go with the mistake--interesting things sometimes happen. I just finished a piece and realized I had placed the center too high so had to change plans and add onto the top. I liked your table runner and baby quilt (very cheerful) as well.
    best, nadia

  5. Flower Power might be a good name for your quilt :-) You did have to power through that mistake and you kept right on going and took it back to be quilted :-) I went back and looked at the post where you showed the quilt and I can see why no one noticed it. It is just such a beautiful quilt! I think we have all done something like that at least once......or more than once! recently I put white borders on a quilt wrong side up and didn't notice till I went to take the picture! I just took the picture anyway and took off the borders later and put them right side up. "sigh"


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