Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two steps forward...

three steps back.

You may be tired of seeing this quilt.  I had it all pin-basted but could not make any headway in quilting it on my home sewing machine.  I attempted twice and ended up using Jack, the ripper.  The pins are now all out, the three layers are separated and folded up, and I hope to bring it to a long-arm quilter tomorrow for a custom quilting job.
What are you up these days?  I hope you are getting more sewing in than I am.  Enjoy your Sunday!
                                                           ~ Jodi ~


  1. I so understand, I have a heck of a time quilting big quilts on my machiune but am to cheap to hire a long arm quilter. I do have a few that will have to be done on a long arm, just need to save up for the event!!

  2. It's a lot of work moving a large quilt around and under your sewing machine. I'm lucky in that I have a machine with a fairly large throat so there is a decent amount of room, but it is still exhausting moving all the fabric.

    Love the face ?? on the fence in the second photo, very cute.


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