Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"No one can find the rewind button, girl...

so cradle your head in your hands, and just breathe, just breathe!" (by Anna Nalick)
That's ALMOST what I had to do Saturday when I finished the list! I wish I could have pushed the rewind button and NOT gone looking for all my projects! I will explain.
I've noticed how some bloggers are making lists of WIPs, (works in progress), or UFOs (unfinished objects), so I thought I would do the same - boy, was I surprised, and not so pleasantly at first. I filled up a whole page of projects! I thought I knew all my starts and stalls and distractions, but I forgot about a bunch of them!
The above is a pic of scraps from a project I started back in January of 2010. It was a quilt-a-long hosted by Sugar Stitches, and this is the state of it now, still unfinished. I have quite a few blocks made, maybe even all I need to make, I didn't count how many.
There was a lot of waste, so from large triangle pieces I cut these little 2 1/2" squares, LOTS of them, which I hope to maybe make a table runner, or small quilt out of:
and I still ended up with the scraps in that first pic above, which shows the leftover-leftover scraps which measure at about 2 1/2" across at their widest point, and they're 5 1/2" long. All the 5 1/2" long scraps are in multiples, some seven pieces, some less, but most have more than two each. Oh, and MOST of the fabrics are Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley. I'm telling you all this because I'm thinking of giving them away. I know some people do like to work with little tiny pieces of fabric and with all you creative, artistic minds, I'm sure somebody could create something beautiful out of these babies. Any interest?
Get ready over the next week or so to see the rest of my WIPs. Those of you who have been with me for a while hopefully won't be bored, but it's helpful for me to see where I'm at and maybe get my butt in gear and finish all these starts, AND STOP STARTING NEW PROJECTS! (But it's so much fun, isn't it???)
I hope you are all well this evening! It's 7:24 p.m. Tuesday night in my little speck of the world - a rather muggy rainy evening. May you bless and be blessed!
~ Jodi ~


  1. You are a brave gal to make a list of all you WIPs and UFOs. I think I'll just hide my head in the sand and continue working on mine pile a little bit at a time. Good for you!!

  2. It's a rainy evening (9:49 p.m. here now) and I had a nice dinner out, a walk, got my blog post ready to go for 12:01 a.m. and now I'm playing online. Life is good.

  3. The pinwheels are beautiful!! Looking forward to the finished product... I'm thinking about making a list too but at the same time I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it. It seems that I have more WIP's and UFO's than I do finished projects : 0 Perhaps it will be a motivator though!!

  4. I'm afraid to make a list like that :-) you were brave!

  5. You are not alone in the abundance of started projects, Jodi! I cannot believe how many UFO's and WISP's I've unearthed since I started trying to organize the "room to become the sewing room" at my house. I'm hoping to keep plowing through the piles and determine what to keep, and what to share. AND, not to get too discouraged at the process!!


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