Monday, June 13, 2011

New quilt project...

whilst I finish up some other UFOs.
This is the quilt, "Superstar" from Elizabeth Hartman's book:
She used all red, white and blue; I'm just using white and blue, so I hope it turns out as nicely as hers did! And this little cat reminds me of
my daughter's cat, Anissa, who is no longer with us (sniff!)
I'm making half-square triangles, which I refuse to throw away, so I went down into my basement where all my mother-in-law's "stuff" is that my husband just can't part with, and found these cute bowls to throw them into for safekeeping while I'm sewing away.
And look at these cute little things - they're only about 3 inches across, and so pretty with purple flowers. I don't know why I let them stay in the basement for all this time.
Gotta run! Have a great day! ~ Jodi ~


  1. Can't wait to see your quilt Superstar :-) Love the bowls!

  2. Those bowls are the perfect solution! Can't wait to see how it comes out!

  3. I have that book too, nothing made from it just yet so I will be interested to see how your quilt turns out, I think so long as you have some good contrasts with your blues it will be a success.

    The little bowls are quite handy for putting pins or small prepared applique pieces in, or are just nice to look at :)

  4. I like the blues of choice, it will be wonderful to watch your progress, Jodi. And speaking of the sweet little bowls and pins, have you ever seen one take and glue a strong magnet to the underside of the bowl, and then you have a great magnetic pin keeper...!

  5. Ha, love how you're starting another quilt project while you finish off some UFOs - is that multi-tasking or what!! The pieces are tiny - looking forward to the next instalment. Liz


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