Saturday, January 15, 2011

What have I been up to, you say? (Lots of pretty pics coming up)

                                  Lights             -           Darks
                                   Placing log upon log

I never thought I would make such a traditional quilt - but I LOVE it!  So far I've only made two blocks, but it IS addicting!  I can't wait to finish a quilt.  I'm using scraps till I get the hang of it but some day I will make a Log Cabin quilt with specific vibrant colors like some of these:

                                      Bright and pale batiks
Bright Batiks
                                 Earthy Batiks - just two logs used


 I think this is mostly batiks but the book doesn't say.  I wish the pics were better - this is really very pretty!

 This one is called "Finger Lakes".  Again, mostly batiks, if not all.  I didn't take a picture of the full quilt - this is just the detail.  And, again, very pretty!
Snake River is all Asian fabrics which I seem to have a penchant for, and here's a detail, although not a very good picture.  All of these are pictures of pictures, which never work out very well, at least with my pitiful photog skills.
 A friend let me borrow this book and I love it!  I just may have to purchase it somewhere, somehow.  There's LOTS of helpful hints for beginner quilters and experienced alike.

                      Gotta get me some of these trays!
"The Value of Value"  I'm still trying to grasp this concept - it ain't easy!  The book explains all about it and how you can look through a peep hole or take a black and white picture which really helps in deciding how to determine if a fabric is dark or light when it has lots of different shades.  (Oops - our insurance envelope got in the pic.  Oh, well.  A little free advertising for Amica - they won't mind.)
So that's what I've been up to, along with back to work full time, helping my daughter with a bridal shower which was held at my house yesterday - it was fun!  And my grandson came to the shower unexpectedly!  What a thrill!  Some one of these days I might actually get to babysit :-)  (Hint, hint to ((she knows who))
And also, lest I leave you without MORE pics:  I've also been having fun doing mug rugs!  Here's some of the ones I've made so far - others were given away as Christmas gifts, and, alas, I lost the pictures I had of them.

                                This is the back of the last one down below - vintage.

                                This peacock has some French writing on it   ???

                                Cute little gnome!  Crazy (messy) quilting on back:

                               Pansy, one of my favorite flowers.  So happy-looking.

                                 Linen fabric on back.
 This is the front of the first one up top - vintage fabrics.  (I don't know why the pics don't post in order when I upload multiple pics at a time - argh!)
That's all for now!  I hope you enjoyed my picture show as much as I.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hey Jodi,
    I have nominated you for an award... Check my blog for details...

  2. Love the Mt Shasta Star quilt. I am looking forward to seeing your log cabin quilt. Which one are you making?


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