Saturday, January 29, 2011

Postage stamp quilt, grandson, and my winnings from December!

Not necessarily in that order.  I recently got some instruction from my daughter regarding linking on my blog.  I'm still not too swift, but hopefully I'm improving.  I'm typing this now on my new Toshiba laptop that my son in law, Matt, found for me on the internet at a great price.  He's my go-to expert on computer, cameras, electronics, etc.  And I just HAVE to show you this guy, their son, my grandson!  I love this picture of him!  He'll be three months old on February 1!  Wow!

I am still plugging along on my postage stamp quilt. Rachel from started a quilt-along.  It's a lot of work, but fun!  And by the way, I purchased two jelly rolls, one White, one Natural, from  I decided to use the Natural for this quilt because it seemed to go better with the Sugar Pop by Liz Scott jelly roll I already had.  There was a defect in one of the strips - I could not get a quarter-inch seam, no way, no how.  So I called the Fat Quarter Shop and they immediately sent me half a yard of the Natural, no questions asked, no charge, which made me very happy and will serve to keep me as a customer and encourage me to recommend them.
Halfway there!
AND yesterday the mail carrier brought me a goody all the way from N. Ireland!  Back in December I won a giveaway from Karen of which I had completely forgotten about.  My winnings is a pattern AND fabric to make these adorable trees:
The green is really pretty with gold stars (the pic didn't come out too good).  And here's a close-up of the red fabric:
Thank you so very much, Karen!  I'm going to have fun making these trees!  I fell in love with yours on your blog. 
Have a great weekend everyone!  Go bless and be blessed!


  1. That picture of your sweet grandbaby was the perfect lead in, he looks like he's ready to help you with any project. I'm wishing right now that I had joined in on the postage stamp, yours is going to finish up beautifully....

  2. How nice of you to show us pictures of him. God bless you!

  3. nice job with the links mom, although matt's is a little off... you linked to "" you mustn't have highlighted the whole link :)

  4. How do you stop yourself from kissing andd cuddling him all the time? He is so gorgeous. Lucky you.

  5. He's adorable! What fun treats....enjoy them :) thanks for passing that info along about The Fat Quarter Shop. It's so nice to hear about good customer service. I worry when I order online, so it's good to know!

  6. I'm glad your pattern and fabric arrived - better late than never...It will give you plenty of time to make some trees for next Christmas!


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