Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some cases I bought this weekend, etc.

Pillow cases, to be exact, from Target.  I love the solids and my stash was solid-challenged.  Three of them were on clearance, $9.08 for king-sized 250-thread count, and $8.74 for king-sized 600-thread count, a nice buttery color.  The plum-colored set is queen-sized, 325-thread count, and was on sale, not clearance, for $13.99, still a good price.  So check out Target if you can.  The sheets are on sale, too!
Bad flash!  Let me try it again:
Better!  Aren't they pretty?
And also, I'm slowly moving forward on the quilt for my husband's 91-yr-old aunt (I hope she doesn't mind being referred to by her age!  Her name is Cecile)  Putting together all these squares gets a little tedious, but I have five done now and four more to go.

The sashing is called Robin's Egg - not the blue I had picked out but I took a survey of two sisters, a daughter, and a niece, and I lost.  But I'm liking it now. 
Maybe by the end of the week I'll have a finish, or at least a finished top!  How about you, what did you do over the weekend?    

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  1. Beautiful! Cecile will love it!! Especially because you took the time to make it for her!


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