Friday, July 2, 2010

Some vintage finds - not so great, though.  Quite a bit of staining on one that I could not see in the shop.

And the real good vintage sheets/pillowcases are still nowhere to be found - like Works in Progress just gave away a gorgeous vintage quilt to Shruti from India.  Here's the Works in Progress blog announcing her winner: "Shruti who said... 'I'm so sure that I won't be winning this one, I just had to tell you that the quilt is beautiful...' How funny is that? she did win it... I'm glad! I have to post it to India. Here's what Shruti's profile says...."
'Hello all, Thank you for dropping by. My name is Shruti and I live in Sangli, India with my 3 year old son Aadi & my husband Rohit. I am an Architect by profession. I recently started a new venture - Shruti's - the 'up'cycle shop - where I employ women from the slums of the city to sew various household items. This also gave me an opportunity to try my hand at quilting - which i had been fascinated by, for quite some time. Trying to quilt in an area where people do not even know what Quilting means has put up a lot of challenges before me. Procuring something as simple as a batting is an ordeal for me. But I manage. Most of the times by using locally available substitutes. My quilts do not have that professional look - not yet - but I'm happy with my efforts.'"
So it is so very nice for it to have gone to such a wonderful cause!  I'll still be hunting for some of that vintage that I KNOW is out there.  I have my heart set on making such a quilt for my husband's 91-yr-old aunt who is an amazing woman!    Here's the quilt from Works in Progress that Shruti won:

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