Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My friend, the stitch ripper. Oh, well.

Can you tell which two are correct and which two are not?  The first two are placed incorrectly for sewing and that's how I sewed them, too! I think the rule must be, place, pin, check, then sew, and I know that's what I did.  Alas, wrong, but my trusty stitch ripper helped me to make the fix.  Being outside one night last week also helped.  It was a beautiful night, no humidity, and I love being outside on my deck whenever I get the chance.  After being stuck inside a courthouse all day, this was just the place for some quilt-a-longing, and I worked on my wip (work in progress), the Asian fabric wall hanging.


  1. Hello! Your sewing machine is really gorgeous, and it's so nice to see one being used. Beautiful work! Nic

  2. Your deck looks nice and peaceful. I can imagine getting a lot of beautiful work done out there!


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