Sunday, November 3, 2013

Double-sided quilt

Well, seems I've finally made some time to tarry with this blog of mine.  Here is a mystery quilt I made with my Monday night quilt group:
 This is actually the second side, which I designed myself.  I go for the simple and easy.  
 I love this barn, and look at the reflection of the sky and leaves and outbuildings in the windows.

  My husband is the patient quilt-holder. 
 And this is the first side, the mystery side.
  I never loved the fabrics, but my sister did, so she is now the owner of it.  All of the fabrics were purchased at RYCO in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

and a couple more pics of the quilt indoors (okay, several more)  :-)

 I rented a longarm machine at Mad About Quilts in Mansfield, MA - what fun!
 Can you see what I wrote?  "Made with love by Jodi  2013  Diane"

 This border fabric is a gorgeous batik.
I hope my sister Diane gets lots of enjoyment and warmth under this quilt.  It sure has much love and affection stitched into the layers for her.
xo  ~ Jodi ~

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  1. Great job, Jodi! A friend and I are thinking about going up to rent the longarm this winter. We picked up a flyer at the show in Taunton. It looks like fun!


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