Monday, November 19, 2012

Mod Bento Box

I finished, after probably two years or so.  And I love it and it's ours.  Finally, a quilt for our home for us!  Or maybe me.  My husband thinks it's too busy and crazy.  He likes order and sameness and conservatism, which to me equals boredom!  Plus, it is very pink, so I'll give him that.

The pictures wouldn't load the way I wanted them to.  I did some cross-hatch lines, and then in the white border I did FMQ.  That picture up above shows what I used for the backing, which is a sheet I purchased on sale at Target.

And these show some close-ups of all the fabulous fabrics.  I did NOT make all of these blocks, or even most of them.  It was a swap I participated in, which was so much fun.  I think I made 36 blocks, kept six of those, and then received 36 different ones from all over the country (USA), and some other countries.
So it's washed and nice and soft, and ready to be used.
Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm sorry if sometimes I don't respond to comments, although I always try to.  Have a good Monday, everybody!
~ Jodi ~


  1. i think it's fabulous. not crazy at all. lovely!
    it's a nice feeling to get something done for yourself, isnt it?

  2. What an amazing quilt! It was definitely worth the wait :)

  3. love it, I don't think there is too much pink in it at all, the hubs will just have to get over it being busy and crazy :)

  4. So fabulous! Enjoy snuggling ; )

  5. Ah, Jodi, it is one of my favorite finishes of yours! I love the happy, busy prints and bright colors, and honey will grow to love it because you do. Great happy quilt for the sunless days of winter ~

  6. I like it! Can't tell what you bound it with though... is it gray? Scrappy?

  7. Love it - just my kind of brights. I've half started a bento block quilt a few times. I do like it when you look down at a quilt - say nice and snug over you - and keep finding great fabrics to look at. Great for a fabricholic on a cold day!

  8. Love your quilt. It is so colorful and fun, sure to cheer you up and make anybody happy...
    ; )


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