Saturday, June 16, 2012

Up on the wall

These are the blocks I made from the fabric I showed you last Tuesday with my elderly dog Abbie posing in the background.  The little strips you see are actually pink.  I'm going to sash all the blocks with more of the same pink.  It's for my husband's niece's baby (Olivia) due in August/shower in a couple of weeks. 
This is ONE of the things I will be working on this weekend while my husband is "running" up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.  Can you imagine?  I could barely hike up it 10 or 15 years ago!  But I'm free for the weekend to do exactly as I please!  
Happy weekend to you all - may you bless and be blessed.
~ Jodi ~ 


  1. That is so striking, I too have a family baby due in august, a grandchild, he or she has 2 quilts in progress. I have an elderly Bichon frise, Bertie, who loves it when I sew, he snores in time to the machine, he has a stack of quilts that is how I try my ideas out.


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