Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gypsy Patchwork

Right away I have to tell you that the colors are not true in these pics. This red looks a bit orangey but it's not.  (I must spend some time on my son-in-law's web site,, to glean some photog knowledge.)
Oh, and the other important thing is that I DID NOT MAKE this quilt, it's from Country Curtains in Garden City.  I fell in love with it weeks ago and kept hemming and hawing about the fact that I could make one like this, but would I ever find the same fabrics?  Most likely not. 
So yesterday I treated myself and bought it and it is now living on my bed, and I'm so happy I did.  It was made in India, or so the label says, and it is hand-quilted.  And it did NOT cost a fortune, either;
otherwise, I would not own it. 

This fabric above shows the back of the quilt, that gorgeous red again, which repeats in some blocks on the front.  And from the two pics below I am trying to show the quilting, which goes in sort of big circles. 

Now I want to buy some fabric to match so I can make pillows and pillowcases.
I hope you enjoyed the pics of my purchase!
~ Jodi ~

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  1. Well even though you didn't make it, it's still lovely : )


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