Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby quilt top and back, a pillow, and THANK YOU:

               I need to have this baby quilt ready for July 8. The pillow is complete, and as you can see,
          I made an envelope pillowcase for ease in washing.  The back is a green polka-dot called "Dottie", Home Seasons by Waverly.  (I just left the room to check the selvage and it says, "Dry cleaning recommended."  Argh!)  Any thoughts on that?  I already painstakingly pieced the back using the same "Dottie" fabric.

                                   I guess I will just go ahead and wash it and hope for the best!
                                         I love the ice cream cones, balloons, and cupcakes!
And many thanks to Pokey, Linda, Carla, Pip, and Katherine for your helpful advice on my frayed table runner.  I will be putting it on a back burner for now, but when I get to it I will purchase some Steam-a-Seam and put an applique on it, as you all suggested.
                                                          Happy Friday and weekend, everyone!
                                                                         ~ Jodi ~

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  1. You are loved, Jodi ~
    Now, dry clean?!? Who would've thought? I'm like you, I think I'd wash it, and see if the directions are to keep it from shrinking, fading, or the worst would be--shredding. Then go from there. The worst case would then be that you had to get a new piece, and thank you Jesus for saving you from sewing on the quilt yet!!


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