Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Almost a year old!

My blog, that is!  May 27 will mark that day.  I missed submitting something to Sew Mama Sew's giveaways (are you all entering like mad crazy?), so I'm going to do my own to celebrate!  My creatively-talented daughter:  
Tara, of, just turned 25 yesterday.  Her beloved made her a delicious mousse cake rivaling that of Pastiche (for those of you familiar with Federal Hill).  Well, she IS having a giveaway through Sew Mama Sew that you might want to check out.  (I can't find my cheat notes on how to link to her blog).  Here's a pic that I just HAVE to show of her hubby and son:
He's such a happy little guy!
And because I don't have anything recently finished to show you, I will show some older finished pieces that I love.  I made this at a fundraising type event for the Smith-Appleby House (a historic house in town where Tara and Matt's wedding was held and where I took photos of my Gardens of India quilt).  Because it's not really my style, but I do think it's adorable, I gave it to my sister because she loves lambs.  Here it is:
It was a little kit that was provided with all the materials.

All the fabrics are hand sewn onto the muslin, then I free-motion machine quilted it.  Fun!
I also designed (pat on back) and made this (and I hope I didn't already post about it and totally bore you to tears) growth chart for one of my pay-it-forward bloggers, who also happens to go to my church.  This has lots of my favorite fabrics, and the pictures do not do it justice at all, in my humble opinion :-)
 It's really looooong, hopefully not too long for her home.  And in hindsight I should have included a nice permanent fabric marker to write on it with.  Her daughter's name is Amelia, obviously!  The fairy fabric is so cute.  I have some of the letters of the alphabet.  All the words are some type of herb or flower, which Agrimony is an herb, I learned after doing a Swagbucks search.
 My shaky embroidery of her name.

 I've been hoarding my little pink bicycles, but I broke down and put one on the chart because it's so fitting for a little girl (and she is a real cutie, too!)  Her mom has a blog called Quaint and Quirky which you can access through my side bar, if you don't already have enough blogs you're following - hee-hee!
 The backing is a vintage sheet that I found in an antique shop - very pretty.
That's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell - I know I did!  Don't forget to check out Sew Mama Sew - I think most of the giveaways end tomorrow!  And I will be posting about my anniversary giveaway any day now!  
Take care, and bless and be blessed!
~ Jodi ~


  1. Loved your show and tell!

    And I haven't entered any of the sew mama sew giveaways - haven't seen anything I really wanted yet. :)

    Congrats on nearly a year!

    (Also, I am TOTALLY stealing your growth chart idea!)

  2. On my blog shortly and will fulfill a year of life:) So I'm happy - again - as I have found my blog, I discovered! In this year of progress made​​, your family has grown, improved your health problem gratifying. See you soon!

  3. What a beautiful family you have! I can't believe how your grandson is growing!!

  4. I just love the growth chart that you made for your friend...what a wonderful gift she will have to remember you and your friendship...AND what a great quilt for her child to keep!!


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