Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh, brother...

my Brother is under the weather, so I'll share a pic of myself and my darling grandson, Ezra, with you.  He's four months old today!  
Last night I was trying my hand at some free-motion quilting.  I had my feed dogs down, finished one side of the quilt border, experienced how tiring it is in the shoulder area, went to bed and fell right to sleep.  At 1:30 a.m. I was wide awake again.  As per my usual, I went to sew.  I was going to work on a Pay-it-Forward gift.  When I tried to lift the feed dogs with the little lever on the back of the Brother, it would not raise them.  I removed the plates and cleaned all the dust and lint out, but nothing doing. So my hubby took it to be repaired today and now I'm without a sewing machine!  Arghghghgh!  So I should be using this time to organize my kinda messy sewing room, but I'm blogging instead.   Hopefully I'll have my machine back soon and I'll have some finishes to show you.   


  1. Sorry your sewing is at a halt, man! Never do I want to sew more than when my machine is in the shop. But, I'm sharing computer time with Larry, and I'm way behind on my blog reading, I'm feeling a bit of separation anxiety, myself. Look at you, that jewel quilt is something else! Love the mug rugs, too, but nothing do I love as much as seeing your sweet smile with lil' baby love!
    Thanks for the share, Jodi!

  2. Wishing your machine a speedy recovery :)
    Oh, and you two are adorable!

  3. I hope your machine gets better soon! He is such a cutie :-)

  4. So annoying when your machine breaks down. Its a great photo of you with your grandson.


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