Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hexagons, you say?

So many of you, it seems, are making beautiful hexagons, and I've been thinking, 'I should try some of those.'  Well, I dug these out of the closet the other day and worked on making some for a little while, then it dawned on me, duh, THESE are hexagons!  Maybe not as modern as what I've seen on blogs lately, but pretty nonetheless. 
I learned how to make these over a year ago when I started down this path of hoarding fabric and drooling over textiles.  These are made from scraps with a piece of batting in the middle and then muslin for the backing.  So it's actually a QAUG (quilt-as-you-go) project.  I STILL don't have my sewing machine back and I needed something to stitch somehow, some way, and then I remembered these little lovelies just waiting to be brought back out into the light of day, and I'm glad I did.  This quilt is very portable.  Its traveled with me to FL, to doctor's offices, cookouts, coffee shops, etc.  Who knows how long it will take to be bed-sized (I used to know how many it would take to fit on a twin, but that info is long gone from my pea brain).  The hexies are approximately 6 inches across.

So hopefully my sewing machine will be back home soon!  I'm using my sweet niece's Pfaff (sp?) and it's not too swift, let me tell you!  (Or maybe it's the user)  But it's driving me nuts.  Then again, on the Gardens of India quilt, I sewed the entire binding on before I realized that it was on the wrong side!  So out came Jack (the ripper) and he had a ball riiiiiiiping that right off.  So a lot of my frustration is my own doing, I will admit. 
I hope you are having some sewing fun and progress this week - whatcha all been up to?


  1. Pretty! I've seen this done with squares, cathedral window style, but I do not remember hexies before.
    As far as no sewing machine, I'm GROANING with you, this is WAY too long to be without it!!!

  2. What cute hexagons!
    And I feel your pain about not having a machine...mine's in the shop too and it'll be one more week before I get it back!

  3. Great project! It looks like so much fun! I think we have all spent lots of time with the seam ripper at some point :-) I hope you get your machine back soon :-)

  4. Beautiful! You will have a wonderful quilt in no time.

  5. Its ridiculous how we feel we we are parted from our sewing machines, but only if you are a non-sewer! Your hexagons look great and its good you have something to sate your need to create.

  6. hey..thanks for your great giveaway..i am discovering lots of lovely blogs through vs blog...i have locked yours into a fav and now am a

  7. OMG I love your hexis - I have been making the normal plain ones. Even plainer as I am using solids! I think they look pretty good though, they are for my pattern I designed my very self. You can check it out here:

  8. I love your hexies... what pattern is that? how are you doing them? I have something I am going to be making... that are free standing hexies, a game board and I just would love to use this idea... I think it would look great!

  9. Ive never seen them made oike this, and love them!!! How will you join them to make a quilt? Can you show a closeup? Im intrigued... Maybe you could do a tutorial so we can learn to make them... Really pretty! Love the idea of quilting them as you go!
    Im so hapoy yu found me... However you did...
    I cant do so much with this ipad, but im going to try to put you on my list so i can easily see when you post... Great blog!, isand girl.,, :)

  10. Okay, I'm lost. I've make the traditional Cathedral squares but can't figure out how you did them with the hexies. Could you please explain
    Sue Ames


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