Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here's what you've been waiting for!


The pattern I've been "reviewing."  I must say that I loved it so much that I just had to do it up, step by step.  Plus, I'm really a hands' on kinda person, so for me to figure out if the pattern was doable, I needed to do it up!  I used fabric from my stash.  The pattern is called "Gardens of India" written by Shruti Dandekar .  She has an Etsy site where you can purchase the pattern and it's only $5.00!  It was really simple to do and relatively quick.  It took me half an hour to do two blocks.  It's made up of eight blocks total, plus two borders.  The finished size is 48 x 78.  I will definitely make this quilt again.  Included in the pattern is a design for the back which I kind of did my own thing, that's why I don't have a pic to show you.  I was trying not to buy more fabric, and I ended up having to piece it so it's not the gorgeous design that Shruti gave, which I love.  So go see Shruti.  Here's her Etsy site:  
I will be sandwiching my quilt SOON, and will show a finished picture. Any suggestions on the quilting I should do?
In case you're wondering about Kim's family, she came over to my house last night so we could search on the internet.  Ayumi from The Pink Penguin, (check out her blog, it's fantastic) she's also from Japan, gave a person finder link that we used, but no luck.  Poor Kim!  I'm afraid I got her hopes up all for naught.  But we had to try.  Please keep praying!  Even if she is not giving up hope, I feel that I am!  Such utter destruction and such horror stories!  She has satellite TV which allows her access to all the Japanese stations, and that's all she's doing is watching all the coverage day and night.  And you know how that can be, overwhelming and depressing!  But God is good and He will give her peace and strength no matter what, if she will just ask Him to!
I hope you all have a wonderful day, wherever you are, whatever you do! 


  1. The quilt is beautiful. Prayers being sent for your friend and her family!

  2. Thank you Jodi... The quilt is beautiful... And so are your words...
    I'll pray for Kim... :) God WILL give her he strength that she needs for the days ahead!

  3. Its gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing it quilted. Great fabric choices.

  4. What beautiful fabrics you hv used to make this quilt !
    All those agonising days of waiting & hoping, I am glad that Kim's family is safe!


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