Monday, November 29, 2010

Two days after Thanksgiving, one year ago...

mom left us to go home to her heavenly father.  I feel she's at peace - it's those of us left behind still searching, but there is no perfect peace here on earth, only in heaven can it be found.
March 5, 1931 - November 28, 2009
In memory, my husband and I joined my siblings, two SILs, two nieces, two great nieces in Boston for brunch  Saturday morning at an Irish restaurant/tavern.  It was bittersweet - my mom would have loved it as she loved all things Irish.  We all continue to miss her, of course, but it's great to be with each other and share some memories, tears and laughter. 

   And now, on a lighter note, my "Clothesline" quilt is finished!  I pinned the binding with lots of pins and machine sewed it, and I only had to make two little fixes at corners where it didn't catch.  The pattern is from Elizabeth Hartman of and it was very easy to follow.  So here are some final pics:

Hopefully the recipient of this quilt can read the French - it's something about bouquets of flowers, which I thought was appropriate.  All the fabrics are vintage sheets or pillowcases except for the sashing which is Kona Robin's Egg, I'm pretty sure.  I've been working on this quilt for some time and purchased the fabric a while ago, so my memory is sort of dim.  
Well, thanks for tarrying with me a bit!  Enjoy the week!

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