Friday, November 19, 2010

All the way from a friend in India!

Shruti from India sent me this gorgeous curtain from India.  I'm participating in her Pay it Forward (and need to blog about it, too, so if anyone wants to play along with me, please let me know!)  The deal is the first three people to comment on this post agree to send homemade gifts to three people who comment on their facebook or blog.  Get it?  Pay it forward?  So without further ado, this is what Shruti sent me:
These are gorgeous silk panels
The ties for hanging on the curtain rod are also silk. 

 And she also sent another piece of beautiful linen type fabric from India, and a darling little doll, all wrapped up prettily in gold gauze!

Shruti outdid herself with these gifts - I love them!  I can't wait to hang my new curtain in my sewing room, but I need to make some changes. Currently I have a cornice in there so I need to put up a curtain rod.  In the meantime, I have it arranged so I can gaze at it from time to time.  Thanks so very much, Shruti!


  1. I'm so happy that you like it Jodi... Thats the best part of sending the gifts... Seeing (or in this case imagining) the smile on the recepient's face...

  2. lovely Jodi! Shruti really did great! Isn't blogging great? I keep thinking how close we all feel to eachother, even though in many ways we live worlds apart. Enjoy your presents!


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