Friday, November 12, 2010

baby and bad free motion quilting!

I've been immensely enjoying the wonderful privilege of helping out my daughter during the day with my grandson who is 12 days old.  She's trying to nurse and it's not going well, so if any of you are praying people, please lift up a prayer or two for them - suffice to say she's exhausted and disillusioned and...  I could go on and on but maybe some of you can relate.  Here's some pics of my darlings:

(They don't have a seat for him that sits on a table, but maybe a cousin has one they can borrow)

And here's my first attempt at free-motion quilting, and it's horrible and I wasn't going to show it 'cuz you guys are incredibly talented and I'm... well, anyway, I need a lesson which I will schedule with my sewing machine dealer, hopefully soon!
And this isn't the worst of it!  I know I should RIP it out, but I don't FEEL like it!  I'm doing cross-hatching on the printed squares, which is much easier.  Thanks for visiting my blog and reading about my woes!  I'm sure you all have your own problems, HUGE problems, and mine are so minor right now.  Okay, enough lamenting. Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


  1. How wonderful that you can help your daughter with her little one! She looks a bit tired, but happy ;-)) And don't worry about your quilting, it does NOT look bad! it looks fine, so DON'T RIP IT OUT !! There's only one way to improve quilting: doing it ;-)) and you're on a good way. Always ask yourself: WHO besides me will notice what I consider "not good"? And - will they care??? Probably not ;-)) so just have FUN quilting ;-))

  2. I think it's beautiful! I love your fabric selections.


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