Friday, August 2, 2013

Red white blue yellow baby quilt

I showed you this quite a number of months ago, but it was only a top at the time.  Now it's a complete quilt.  Isn't it wonderful when that happens eventually?

Here's a closeup of some of my FMQ'g.  Not TOO bad.  I got lazy on some of the blocks and didn't draw any lines so they leave a bit to be desired.  Some of these fabrics are Denyse Schmidt's.  And can you see the bicycles, scooters, and tricycles?  (Not sure on the designer of that one - sorry)
 This quilt is going to a little girl, Makenna.  I'm hesitant to give it to mom, though, because it's not all pink and girly.  This is mom's first child and when I look at FB, there's tons of pink.  I hope she likes it anyway.  I think it's feminine, but maybe I should not have used the blue/red/white stripe, or so much light blue on the back.  
(Psalm 127:3:  "Children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.")
I think from now on when I make a quilt for someone, they have to come shopping with me!  (Or shop my stash  :-))  Although actually I made this for someone who wasn't finding out the gender of their baby so it needed to be neutral.  I don't think I accomplished that, though.  But then, again, I can't decide on this quilt, is it boy or girl?  I was going to say, you be the judge, but it's already earmarked, and labeled, for Makenna, so it is what it is.  Okay, I'm done obsessing about it, sorry!
 My hubby did the holding of the quilt for me in case you're wondering whose feet those are.
Have a wonderful day!  May you bless and be blessed!  ~ Jodi 


  1. Love it!! The colour choices are great!!

  2. It looks so cute and will be perfect for a little girl.

  3. It's wonderful, Jodi! Don't stress about the colors! You gave of yourself, the best way you're able, and the mom simply MUST appreciate it! Besides, I don't think it's always about a quilt "matching" a room's color scheme. Goodness, the quilt will likely be taken along in the car, outdoors to play, or on walks in the stroller. Everyone who sees it will remark on it to the mom, and she'll appreciate more and more that you took the time to create such a lovely gift for them. I think you did great! It's obvious you're a very giving person, and that's the loveliest kind of person to be. Well done!

  4. It's really great, Jodi! I'm stressing over a gift quilt, too. I think we all do it, even when the recipient has chosen the fabric.

  5. Wow terrific free motion quilting. I think the quilt speaks boy or girl and it's really fantastic. I'm sure Mom and baby will love the handmade gift from the heart.

  6. Jodi, this is such a beautiful quilt! Did you give it to Brenda yet? I'm sure she loved it.


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